Swift Performance Black Friday Deal 2020 | Up to 70% Discount

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Swift Performance Black Friday Deal

Swift Performance is the best and most popular cache plugin, which helps you to improve your site speed and performance to the next level. This is the best time for you to get upto 70% 60% And 50% huge discounts on it,

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Swift Performance: the perfect combination of cache and image optimizer for WordPress sites

Swift Performance offering all needed functionalities in a single package. While the plugin includes all options needed for caching and image optimization, you don’t need professional expertise to install and configure it. Best of all, after installing the plugin, an application wizard will guide you through the possible options, allowing you to control, with only a few clicks, the plugin’s level of involvement into the operation of the website (at each stage, the advantages and the technical requirements are clearly listed). For example, here are the advanced settings of the plugin: disk caching, DNS preloading, full CSS compression, merging JavaScript resources, server push, cache preloading, HTML optimization, Bypass CSS import, lazyload for images, WooCommerce minicart caching, normalizing static resources, merging styles, critical CSS function, and asynchronous JS execution.

How To Activate Swift Performance Black Friday Offer

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Conclusion of Swift Performance Black Friday Deal 2020

All in all, Swift Performance is currently the most comprehensive cache and image optimization solution. You can find everything that’s needed for your WordPress website to serve content quickly to visitors. Besides these, the use of this plugin can also give you an edge from an SEO standpoint because it can carry out a host of optimization tasks that are recommended to webmasters by Google itself. If you would like to use it on multiple websites, you can choose from a few other reasonably-priced packages. To get acquainted with the product, we recommend you try the Swift Performance Lite version, which doesn’t include all the features we discussed (there’s no image optimization, for example), but the basic features it does include still allow you to reliably speed up your website.

If you successfully grabbed this plugin then kudos to you and also let us know that which plan of Swift Performance you grabbed on this Black Friday.

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